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Next meeting


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NAS Meetings 2015

NAS Meetings

University of Newcastle image

General Purpose Building, Room 2:1

from 7.30pm




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International Year of Light

Members of NAS will be present at both theseimageInternational Year of Light events this Saturday to celebrate International Year of Light 2015 and what better way then taking part in a “lantern walk” in
Chinese New Year Event
Join us for: –Chinese traditional dance (lion dance). –Chinese Tea –Chinese Gifts –Try our Free Health Chi Gong class–Great for any age –Easy to learn –Slow movements like Tai Chi When: Date: 21st February, 2015 Time: 8:30am—12:00pm Where: Speer’s Point Park – Along the waterfront at the Swimming Pool end.

The Rotary Club of Newcastle, in conjunction with 16 other local Rotary Clubs, will present a celebration of Chinese New Year with the inaugural Light up Newcastle Lantern Walk On Saturday 21 February from 4pm.The Lantern Walk, a parade of Chinese lanterns along the Newcastle foreshore from Nobby’s to Wickham’s Figtree Park, will converge in Honeysuckle for an evening of entertainment, food and fireworks to mark Chinese New Year, as well as cap off Newcastle’s two months of activity for Its ON in Newcastle.


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Australian scientist’s amazing discovery

11th November 2014: AAL congratulates two of our Directors, Brian Schmidt and Brian Boyle, who shared in the prestigious 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, for their role in the unexpected discovery that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating.


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Total Lunar Eclipse 8th October 2014

The “blood moon”, as it’s called by many, is actually the moon appearing orange or red as a result of sunlight scattering off the atmosphere.

This blood moon is just the second of four consecutive lunar eclipses with another one set to occur on April 4, 2015 and then again on September 28, 2015. The series of four successive lunar eclipses is referred to as a tetrad – and in the 21st century alone, there will be eight tetrads which is a rare phenomena.
NAS members images.

Scott Alder






Lydia Macokatic


IMG_4958 IMG_4961 IMG_4962 luna eclipse 8.10.2014


NAS President Ghul Hussain

IMGP1980 IMGP1989 IMGP1992 IMGP2005 IMGP2010 IMGP2015


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Comet Siding Spring 2013 imaged by Scott Alder


NAS member Scott Alder imaged comet Siding Spring taken 11th September 2014.image

I got this pic tonight taken with the 10 inch scope. Its 18 x 30 second
images, could not go longer then 30 secs as comet was moving too fast.



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